Regional Partners

California has been divided into 10 regions based on the state’s hardest-to-count populations. In addition to statewide outreach, each Census region has more localized activities occurring to support a complete count in California. Click here to learn more about the regions and the organizations supporting regional efforts.

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Historically Undercounted Communities

Many communities in California have been underrepresented or undercounted in past Censuses. An undercount means California is not getting its fair share of funding and representation since not everyone living in our state was counted. View the below map to see if your community is at risk of being undercounted.

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Public Response Rate

El mapa de autorrespuesta en California

El mapa de tasas de respuesta del Censo 2020 muestra los datos de autorrespuesta por la Oficina del Censo de los EE. UU., así como información sobre los “tracts” del censo y los enlaces con más información. Haga clic en «Acerca de» en la aplicación de mapa para obtener más información. Los datos de la tasa de autorespuesta se actualizarán diariamente.

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Hard to Count Fact Sheets

The Census Office has developed numerous fact sheets detailing information about California’s hardest-to-count communities. These fact sheets detail information specific for all Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts, as well as by county and city or census-designated place. Click here view these fact sheets and learn more about the state’s hard-to-count communities.

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Learn more about the Census in California and the impact the Census has on the state and its communities.


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