How To Talk To Friends And Family About The Census

California is committed to a complete and accurate count that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.California is committed to working with partners to monitor federal efforts, dispel fear and misinformation, and ensure all Californians understand their protections under Title 13.

What help is available?

Help is available in many languages through Questionnaire Assistance Centers and the many partners that are assisting communities.

  • The Census will be available to complete online and by phone in 13 languages.
  • Video and printed guides are available in 59 non-English languages, to assist individuals completing the form.
  • The video and printed guides will also be available in braille and with large print
  • The paper form is available in English and Spanish to a limited number of addresses designated by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Due to the operational adjustments from the U.S. Census Bureau, beginning in June 2020, Census workers will begin following up in person with households that have not completed their Census. This information will be monitored as updates are released.


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